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Web application software audit


Protecting sensitive applications.

Application software vulnerabilities are the main source of failures today. It is therefore essential to secure an application’s source code to protect it from increasingly sophisticated attacks.

Your concerns :

  • Are your applications secured ?
  • Do they expose servers, equipment and other subjacent software to potential attacks ?
  • Could a malicious user access, modify or destroy data or services ?

Our solution :

PHONESEC offers you a security audit on your applications to identify and assess existing vulnerabilities (web applications, own applications or custom built).

Check points :

  • Buffer overflow (stack overflows, heap overflows)
  • Format strings
  • Race conditions
  • Side channels
  • Injections

Our Methodology :

Our Security experts use professional tools and follow different well-known methodologies (OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) directives) and the OSSTMM standard (Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual). Constant monitoring of security audits allows customers to follow and direct security testing.

Our Deliverables :

Our own methodology for sending out the security audit results gives our contacts access to an expansive information summary.

The deliverables provided by our experts (detailed technical report, vulnerability summary table, managerial summary) are handed out during the restitution meeting and presentation of technical recommendations.

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