Phonesec - Digital risk management


State of the Art


The digital economy uses technologies for which threats and risks evolve over time. It is therefore strategic to know about these evolutions in order to limit their impact.

Using their know-how and methodology, Phonesec consultants run state of the art checks that present the opportunities and threats for the technologies used by our customers.

Advantages :

  • Monitoring Security updates in their sector,
  • Identifying the market’s technological threats,
  • Finding out about the condition of their equipment,

Business fields covered :

  • Telecomm, e-business, Industry, Banking, Transport

Study examples :

  •  iOS and Android business risk analysis
  •  Study on security for NFC payment methods
  •  Study on smartphone thefts
  •  Ipbx Hacking Study
  •  Pay-TV hacking study

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