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Source code audit


Optimising security on sensitive developments

The source code audit consists of an overall review of your application development process. This is a continuous quality approach that is applied according to defined rules and standards.

Your concerns :

  • Anticipate security problems,
  • Guarantee stability for core business applications,
  • Ensure performance during use,
  • Optimise material resources.

Our solution :

PHONESEC consultants’ skills cover a wide range of technologies and protocols, thereby ensuring high quality work to meet different types of needs.

Checkpoints analysed :

  • Identify the variables and sensitive functions and so determine critical usage methods
  • Check that source codes are complete by compiling the program and checking that it is running correctly.
  • Search for illicit or undocumented functions in the source code
  • Examine dependencies between data elements to search for illogical dependencies.
  • Analyse the application architecture and how security is implemented
  • Run behaviour studies on objects

Our Methodology :

Our Security experts use professional tools and follow well-known methodologies (CVSS).

Constant monitoring of source code audits allows customers to follow and direct security testing.

Our Deliverables :

Our own methodology for sending out the security audit results gives our contacts access to an expansive information summary.

The deliverables provided by our experts (detailed technical report, vulnerability summary table, managerial summary) are handed out during the restitution meeting and presentation of technical recommendations.

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