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Mobile application audit


Tackling threats to mobility

The security audit for a mobile application aims to assess the overall security level for the infrastructure associated with the use of this application.

Your concerns :

  • Identify the presence of faults that might compromise service use.
  • Measure the customer data confidentiality level 
  • Assess customer authentication strength
  • Check flow security

Our solution : Applisecure

Our Security experts carry out mobile application security audits on the market’s main platforms : iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and RIM.

Applisecure is a set of security audits organised according to specific needs.

  • Audit on iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and RIM applications
  • Webservice audit
  • Server configuration audit

Applisecure is a proven service winning Phonesec awards for its expertise in the field of communicating environments.

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Our Methodology :

Our Security experts use professional tools and follow well-known methodologies (Forensic, Jailbreaking, Reverse, Owasp). Our methodology begins by studying the application’s specifications. This phase can define the technical risks that the security audit is going to have to assess.

Within the framework of integrating services into the software acceptance testing, our interventions are calibrated within an incremental method making it easier to follow production schedules.

Our Deliverables :

Our own methodology for sending out the security audit results gives our contacts access to an expansive information summary.

The deliverables provided by our experts (detailed technical report, vulnerability summary table, managerial summary) are handed out during the restitution meeting and presentation of technical recommendations.

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