Phonesec - Digital risk management




Maintaining computer work in the event of an incident

The Business Continuity Plan (BCP) aims to keep the company’s Computer System partly or fully running in the event of an emergency.

It is intended to ensure the company’s vital functions should anything go wrong (hacking, fire, flood, fault, theft, damage).

Your concerns :

  • Knowing how to react to a digital incident
  • Protect the company’s vital work
  • Reassure partners and customers

Phonesec’s BCP/BRP offer :

PHONESEC consultants help customers using their own methodology based on the following actions :

  • Auditing processes, infrastructures and human resources
  • Identifying the company’s vital processes
  • Analysing technical and business risks
  • Defining the Business Recovery Plan (BRP)
  • Define a Plan to return to normal
  • Implement the BRP.
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