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Architecture audit


Strengthening the company’s productivity

Anticipate a malfunction, repair a fault : the IT infrastructure or network audit aims to optimise the company computer system’s efficacy and performance.

Your concerns :

  • Check whether the network suits the company’s business,
  • Anticipate investments envisaged to improve its computer system performance.
  • Analyse the company’s computer network security.

Our solution :

PHONESEC consultants attempt to check the network’s efficacy by taking into account the company’s business activities.

They produce a computer system risk report.

Beyond analysing equipment and logic components, our services consider how users actually use the network.

Check points analysed :

  • coverage of company needs,
  • methods for using and managing the network,
  • network equipment performance,
  • flows rates and security,
  • network topology.

Our Methodology :

Our Security experts use professional tools and abide by well-known methodologies. Constant infrastructure audit monitoring allows customers to follow and direct security testing.

Our Deliverables :

Our own methodology for sending out the security audit results gives our contacts access to an expansive information summary.

The deliverables provided by our experts (detailed technical report, vulnerability summary table, managerial summary) are handed out during the restitution meeting and presentation of technical recommendations.

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